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blvd deals was originally a spin-off of the travel magazine departure blvd, based in Cyprus. blvd deals provides time and quantity limited discounts on stays in hotels across Greece and Cyprus, giving travellers the chance to experience this part of the world at discounts as high as 45% off. Bownty.com lists all blvd deals offers in the UK and features more than 2500 deals live every day in the UK.

blvd deals have a mailing list to keep you updated on their latest offers and give you access to their secret travel offers, which are available to registered members before they become available to anyone else.

They also offer the blvd card, which allows you to redeem points whenever you claim an offer, which can in turn be redeemed towards any future offers.

blvd deals are usually for stays of a set duration, typically 3-6 days, at luxury Greek and Cypriot hotels. While some offers are for standard double rooms, they are often for suites, making blvd deals perfect if you’re looking for a truly luxurious holiday.

Since they’re based in Cyprus, it’s probably best to get in touch with them by email, or through their Facebook page.