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About iVoucher

Started in 2009, iVoucher initially offered specifically restaurant deals, but have since branched out to include a wide variety of deals and discounts from drinks and meals through to jewellery and even software. Many of these discounts are more than 80% off, and so there’s the chance to make huge savings through iVoucher.

The site offers deals local to cities all across the UK, so wherever you are there should be some deals local to you. iVoucher also boasts a comprehensive search system, allowing you to filter deals by location, price, discount percentage, and keywords, making it as easy as possible to find deals that are relevant to you.

If you’re on the go, they also have apps for both iPhones and Android, designed specifically to help you locate restaurant offers near you, which you can sort through by price and type of cuisine. All of these offers can also be found on the Bownty app, along with thousands more.

While iVoucher used to specialise in restaurant deals, they’re now probably better for purchasing individual products, with frequent offers on electronics, gadgets, software, and outdoors equipment, though there’s still plenty of variety in the offers available.

As one of the biggest daily deal sites in the UK, iVoucher have plenty of customer support, and so are ready to take care of any problems that might arise with any of the deals they provide. This size also means they’re very reliable however, so there shouldn’t be any problems at all with offers from iVoucher.