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About KGB Deals

KGB Deals are one of the biggest daily deal sites around, providing offers and discounts for almost anything since 2010. They’re owned by the New York-based KGB, better known in the UK as the company behind the directory service 118 118. Their deals cover bars, restaurants, spas, shops, holidays, and more, with a mixture of deals local to specific cities, and others that are nationwide.

They offer local deals in cities all across the UK, including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Belfast, meaning that wherever you are you should be able to track down a KGB deal nearby. They also have specific sections for travel deals and shopping deals, so it’s even easier to find the offers that you’re looking for.

They offer numerous deals on a daily basis, with some pretty steep discounts, so it’s worth looking out for KGB Deals every day, which is easiest to do through Bownty.com, which lists every deal from KGB, as well as thousands more.

KGB Deals also have a loyalty and referral program, kgbkash. Simply share a deal with a friend, and if they purchase it from your referral then you’ll receive kgbkash that you can spend on future deals for yourself. So when you spot a great offer on KGB Deals, make sure you send it to your friends and you can get yourself even more discounts.

Since KGB Deals are one of the biggest daily deal sites around, they have great customer service, and you can be sure that their offers are reliable and safe.