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About SeeLiveDo

Launched in 2011, SeeLiveDo is a unique deal site dedicated to providing offers and discounts exclusively to Cornwall and Devon. While this narrows the site’s usefulness to only people in those regions, it does mean that its offers are closely tailored to that area, meaning SeeLiveDo can be sure that they provide the best and most useful offers to local residents. SeeLiveDo are a small company that are based in Cornwall themselves, so they know the area, they know the local businesses, and they know the best deals around.

Offers cover restaurants, bars, cinema tickets, golf, adventure days, and even more practical fare such as MOTs and dental exams! The emphasis is simply on helping people in the area save money while helping local businesses at the same time, whatever form those businesses take.

Because the site offers group discounts from businesses, the deals only become active if enough people purchase them. That means if you spot a deal you like you should share it around to make sure as many people as possible buy it. As if that wasn’t enough, for every person you refer to the site, SeeLiveDo will credit your account with £5, so it’s worth sharing the site around.

Because SeeLiveDo is a small, local company they’re ideally suited to offer great customer service, and can help you out with any problems that you have with any of the deals that they offer.

Given the location, the site is especially good for things like surfing classes and surf equipment, but there are plenty of spa treatments, photo services, and drinks deals too.