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About TasterLab

TasterLab is a small company based in Buenos Aires and London that set out to make a new kind of deal site, one dedicated to helping people try out new experiences, to get a ‘taster’ of them. That means the site is focused on classes and clubs, things such as drum lessons, tai chi, personal training, or language classes.

TasterLab work by advertising the spare spaces in these classes, so that they’re not going to waste. That means the classes and clubs get more members, and you get to try out brand new experiences at seriously reduced rates, and maybe even discover a new passion. The best part of it all is that because they’re offering taster sessions, a lot of them are absolutely free, and the rest are still very heavily discounted. There aren’t many other places that you could get classes in such a wide variety of areas absolutely free.

You can search through the site for tasters you’re interested in, or just browse and see what comes up. Even better, Bownty features all of TasterLab’s deals too, so you can see them and thousands of others.

TasterLab features reviews from both experts and fellow Tasterers, so you can be sure which classes are worth it, and which you should leave, making sure you spend your money well. They have tasters available all across the country, so no matter where you live you can try out something new with TasterLab.

TasterLab might just help you discover your new favourite activity, or maybe simply let you try out that one thing you’ve always wanted to have a go at, and often you don’t even need to spend anything at all to do it!