About GoGroopie

GoGroopie offer local daily deals across the UK that are carefully selected to help you learn, look, and feel better. All of their offers are intended to help their members feel good, whether that means healthy eating, fitness, learning skills, picking up hobbies, or something else entirely. Their offers include jewellery, helicopter rides, sports equipment, meals, holidays, and more, with some discounts as much as an amazing 98% off.

GoGroopie couldn’t be easier to use, as you simply have to buy the deal to have access to it, with no need to worry about enough other users purchasing it to activate the offer.

GoGroopie are very selective about the businesses that they partner with, so that you can be certain that the deals available are for the best experience at the best price, meaning that quality is assured. They also have an emphasis on local businesses where possible, so that buying their deals supports businesses in your area, and nets you some great discounts.

Having started only offering deals in London, GoGroopie have now expanded, with deals available in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, and Manchester.

They’ve also included a specific travel section of the site, dedicated to the best available deals on hotels, camping trips, bed & breakfasts, and more. So if you know that you want to get away for a bit, it’s very straightforward to get to the deals you want.

To keep track of their deals you can sign up to their mailing list for daily updates, or to make things even easier, all of their deals and offers can be found on Bownty.