About Groupon

Groupon UK first launched as MyCityDeal, which was a direct competitor of Groupon in the US. Quickly Groupon acquired MyCityDeal which was already expanding heavily in more major European markets. Groupon UK and its concept is based on giving exclusive time limited offers with huge discounts to consumers. Groupon UK is the biggest daily deal website in the UK and offers discounts of up to 70 % on a wide variety of deals. By providing discounted vouchers on everything from top level restaurants to great activities they have been able to gain momentum since day one. Bownty.com lists all Groupon deals in the UK and features more than 2500 deals live every day in the UK.

Since its early beginning in 2010 Groupon UK has expanded rapidly and is now available in most UK cities with local deals in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.

Groupon also have an iPhone application, also known as an app, which gives you a handy overview of their offers. They also have apps available for Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry, so whatever make your smartphone is, you can access Groupon with it. You can also find Bownty’s app here, which also includes Groupon deals.

Groupon always have great quality deals, and in particular sushi, health and wellbeing deals, and great restaurant offers are often found on Groupon.

They probably have the largest customer service setup in the industry in order to quickly help deal-users with any issues they might have. They also have a policy of avoiding sneaky terms and conditions on deals, so you can purchase one of their deals with confidence.