About Travelzoo

With more than 2000 partners and 25 offices around the world, Travelzoo is on a mission to review and provide its 27 million subscribers with the best travel and entertainment deals. Already 3 million people are using its services in the UK.

Travelzoo’s 250 experts have criteria to select la crème de la crème of their partners’ offers. The daily selection only contains the 20 best deals they have, making it easier to make your choice between thousands of offers on the internet. The website won two British Awards in 2013, proving that they take good care of ensuring the product quality: One as the Best Travel Deals Provider and another one for Excellence in Customer Service. In order to make sure the deals’ quality is the best and avoid bad surprises, Travelzoo also has a test book center. However, if you experience a problem, you can contact their team by email to get help.

Guided by its values, the company endorses the sustainability and social responsibility it has on the environment and communities around the globe with an annual agenda.

Ranging from cruises to all inclusive trips, you can find on Travelzoo a great variety of travel offers and trips from Paris to Tokyo at the best price. You can also find local deals and experiences, like wine tasting deals or buffet deals.

Travelzoo tries to inspire the user with pictures, and a map that uses geo-location so that you can get deals near you. Get today’s best 20 deals on their website, free mobile app or newsletter, or simply get it on Bownty!