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Haircuts, manicures and facials are only a small percentage of all the beauty treatments that women undergo. When costs are combined it can often be shocking how much money is actually spent on beauty maintenance.

Deal vouchers and online offers will ensure that you save a lot of money on treatments, massages, facials and much more.

Start selecting deals through Bownty, it’s your one stop location where all the deals are collected for you on a daily basis.

Health & Beauty Deals

You might be wondering what types of health and beauty deals we offer. Here is an observation of vouchers you could purchase according to your situation:

Facials are a great way to re-plump the skin before an event or simply when it’s feeling dehydrated and dull.

With Bownty, you are guaranteed to find vouchers and offers that will leave your skin looking nourished, glowing, but most importantly healthy. Most of these deals tend to include a shoulder or a hand massage. Bonus!

To prolong your nail colour, opt for a gel manicure. It will ensure that your nails are looking glossy and well-groomed for at least two weeks!

That’s one headache out of the way in terms of a weekly beauty to-do list.

Waxing, tinting and threading is a must for every woman.

DIY-ing at home can often lead to unpleasant and unprovoked disasters, i.e. no brows. The solution is to leave that area of the face to professionals, they will make sure your eyebrows are on trend and looking fabulous.

Bownty has a ton of deals on threading, waxing and tinting.

Find all deals on beauty treatments here.

Is your hair looking a bit lifeless?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Cut & blow-dry will cost you half the normal amount.

All you have to do is select the voucher according to the salon you’d like to visit. Find all offers on hair salons in Birmingham here.

We also offer extra special deals on spa days, massages and other types of relaxing treatments.

Take the time out to pamper yourself without breaking the bank. See all deals that Bownty has to offer on spa & massages in Birmingham here.

Bownty will lead you to the best deals and offers, so start saving money today!


Do you have an occasion coming up, but you’re unsure what to give? Bownty will be your guide to the best, most thoughtful gift.

A spa day with afternoon tea would make a great gift, it’s so relaxing and refreshing.

Bownty also offers cheap vouchers on food & drinks in Birmingham.

Another great gift could be a massage voucher. There is plenty of choice too – Hot-Stone, Swedish & Hot Bamboo are only some of our massage offers.

Manicure & pedicure vouchers, make-up classes and hairstyling would work well as smaller gifts. They would also work well in a bundle for, let’s say, a bride-to-be or bridesmaids.

Vouchers and discounts give you the option to mix and match without feeling like you’re spending a lot of money.

For that special occasion…

Take the time to pamper yourself before your special occasion. Let someone else take care of your nails, skin and hair to make you feel a million dollars.

Through Bownty you are guaranteed to find amazing deals and offers on beauty treatments so you’ll never have to pay the full price again.

If you’re still not convinced then head over to our website to browse through the offers.

Booking through Bownty will ensure you start saving money on health and beauty treatments today.

The map function on our website will enable you to select the best offers according to your area. Happy booking!